Combi Wash - Compact

Combi Wash - Compact

The Combi Wash Compact, is an alternative option for those customers where space is at a premium. This drive through truck cleaning system has been designed and produced to provide the best quality wash possible with the space available. This system includes all of the necessary equipment to provide a fully automatic, free standing vehicle-cleaning machine and offers the most complete value for money package currently available taking up only a fraction of the space that

The finished machine comes with full permanent operator instructions, fitted signs in prominent positions throughout the wash bay. To maximum utilisation and minimal down time, the system has been designed with moving parts kept to a minimum and the machine is robustly constructed to ensurel long life.


Twin Spray Arches

Located at each end of the wash bay is a spray arch, the first is the detergent application and the second is a high-pressure clean water rinse off. The main arch is supported by a folded steel column, mounted on a 600 x 300 base plates to ensure safe and secure installation. The spray pipe work is in three sections; two side sections and a one piece cross top section. Pipe work is formed in heavy gauge steel with flanged ends and secured by plated steel fixings. The detergent arch pipe work is made from 1.5" steel tube and the rinse arch pipe work is 2". The height of the arches can be made to the customers requirement and would be reccommended to suit the tallest vehicle in you fleet. The arches are fitted with ¼” bsp jet bosses which are welded every 220mm to each side, with 450mm spacing across the top. All steel work is shot blasted then hot dipped galvanised to ensure a long and rust free life. All concrete fixings are supplied and set by the Archway installation team to ensure quality control.



Fitted between these arches are twin rotating brushes, one each side of the wash bay. These are supported by an independent steel framework and are fitted with top and bottom bearings, rubber cushioned drive couplings, reduction gearbox and drive motor. The brushes rotate counter to the direction of travel of the vehicle and are activated by pneumatic pistons, which hold the brushes in contact with the vehicle. Spray from the rotating brushes is contained by reinforced PVC Polyester sheeting which in addition keeps personnel away from the rotating brushes.


Water storage tank

Manufactured in 3mm mild steel measuring 2300 x 1220 x 1220mm and fitted with outlet flanges for all pumps, cross bracing and top flange. All joints are seam welded and leak tested before the internal bitumen finish is applied with an external finish Jotun durable Black. A 2” boss for the fitting of an emersion heater, (for frost protection)is included, along with an inlet flange fitted to give a ‘TYPE A’ Air gap.


Containment Unit

The chassis is manufactured in 50 x 100 mild steel channel and the supporting frame is 50 x 50 mild steel angle or box section, the unit is then clad with plastisol profile sheet, colour to the customer’s choice from the standard range, with double access doors to one end. Within the unit the water tank, pumps and electrical control panel are fitted.


The Pumps

These are high quality multi stage upright units with internal by pass valves. Both pumps are over specified to ensure multi function of the jet pattern at the arch and are renowned for low 'down time'.

Detergent arch pump: 7.5Kw motor, up to 205lpm @ 10bar nominal, dependent upon final jetting.

Rinse arch pump: 15KW motor, up to 205lpm @ 10bar nominal, dependent upon final specification and jetting.

Other pump options are available.

High pressure hand lance pump (optional) 14lt/min @ 150bar

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