Washdown Station

Washdown Station

The Archway Washdown station is a self contained, portable unit. Each system has the option of up to 4, high volume water guns with independent control of the wash pumps pumps. Comprising of a 3600ltr water storage tank to ensure each lance has a substantial head of water availble for unhindered, uninterrupted washing.

The tank will feed one multi stage vertical pump producing 264ltr/min @ 110Mhd. The pump is fitted with a double output manifold feeding a maximum of 4 guns, pump pressure is controlled by a regulator fitted in the manifold. Each lance is fed via a 15mtr retractable hose reels fitted on swivel brackets to each corner of the  containment unit.

The containment unit is manufactured in mild steel and houses the water tank, pumps and electrical control panel. Double doors with two way rod latch are fitted for easy access.

The electrical panel requires a 415v 3 phase, neutral and earth supply, control circuits are 24v. Pump protection is by Motor Circuit Breakers and low water level float switch. Frost protection is installed inside the unit comprising of a 2kw immersion heater in the water tank and tubular heaters for the pumps

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